Start bRight 2015 – by SDMC


On the 30th December 2014, we participated in our first school level PD session in preparation for the new academic year. Called the HANDS Workshop, here are some key takeways from the session.

Key Messages:

  1. “Handprints We Left Behind” Everyone of us have transformed the students under our charge by imparting various values that we hold dear to ourselves. In our own ways, we have all impacted and influenced the young lives that have passed through our hands.
  1. “Hand in Hand We Stand”

Our students join Bowen and begin a 4-year journey. Each year is not an individual journey but a continuous 4-year journey for our students. We work as a team to grow and develop the students who pass through our hands in Bowen.


  1. “My Left Hand Column”

Mental models are conceptual frameworks consisting of generalizations and assumptions from which we understand the world and take action in it. We many not even know that these mental models exist or are affecting us.

Peter M.Senge, author of “The Fifth Discipline”

  • Although mental models provide internal stability in a world of continuous change, they also blind us to facts and ideas that challenge or defy our deeply held beliefs.
  • We can overcome erroneous mental models by MANAGING them appropriately. That means you need to discover your mental models, test each model’s validity, and improve them based upon information learned from your analysis and external sources.

Our Left Hand Columns (LHC)

  • refers to internal conversations and thoughts that get in the way of our performance and learning.
  • LHC can be used as a resource to raise our self awareness and help us switch from a judgmental stance to a learner stance.
Judger (Defensive) Learner
Reactive and automatic Thoughtful
Inflexible and rigid Flexible and adaptive
Self Righteous & Protective Inquisitive & Curious
Afraid of difference Values difference
Win – lose relationships Win – win relationships
Debates & Criticizes Dialogues & Critiques
Who’s to blame? What am I responsible for?

Mental Model

Being aware of our Left Hand Columns will help us identify if we are in a Judger or Learner mode, and help us make a conscious choice to shift to new mental models. Starting the new year with correct mental models and learner questions will help us

  1. “A Pat on the Back”

We encouraged and thanked the colleagues who have made our work and life in Bowen more pleasant.