Growing From Within 2014 – A programme on Profession​al and Personal Growth


Dear Colleagues

Growing from Within

 1.      Growing from Within is a programme that encourages teachers to take ownership of their professional and personal growth. It provides teachers with the opportunity to maximise personal capacity, harness the strengths of colleagues to achieve shared goals and to enjoy work-life harmony.

2.      The objectives of the programme are to:

a)      Renew teachers’ sense of purpose and their passion to teach;

b)      Build up a culture of care and collegial support in schools; and

c)      Impart skills for self-care to support our teachers in managing their work-life balance.

Details of Workshops

3.      The full cost of this programme is borne by the Ministry of Education.

4.      The programme comprises 2 full-day workshops and is customised for different groups of teachers according to their years of teaching experience.

5.      The workshops in February 2014 are for Teachers who have 5 or less than 5 years of teaching experience.  Details are as follows:

Dates                                    11 Feb & 19 Feb 2014



0900 -1700


Academy of Singapore Teachers

2 Malan Road

Singapore 109433

6.      Registration is via TRAISI.  If you would like further clarification, please do not hesitate to contact Ms Selena Akhbar at / 66641393 or Ms Phyllis Koh at / 66641325.

7.      Thank you.


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